Nice what?
Nice Wach is the animation and illustration studio crafting worlds full of characters driven by emotions.

Offbeat, humor-lovers, friendly guys challenging themselves to be always fresh, unique, and stylish.

From the southernmost country in the world helping brands find their north.

Character-based stories lovers, with backgrounds in advertising, music, film, visual arts, and poetry discovering the unlimited power of animation and design.
In a world where you have too much to watch we challenge you to settle back and just WACH.
Doing it the nice way
We believe that style without an idea is a waste of time.
We believe that having fun is the only way to work.
We believe in instinct and happy mistakes.
We believe in the human natural-born ability to tell stories.
We believe in exploration and the ambition to be better.
We believe that a team is much more than just the sum of its parts.
We believe in our characters. We believe in the brands we work with.
We believe that everything can always be nicer.
Nice brands we've worked with
Art Direction
Creative Direction
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