We worked along draftLine Agency to develop this very fresh campaign for Corona. 

#RelaxALittle takes part in the middle of a stressful context, where enjoying a beer with good company (yes, even your dog) turns out to be the simple yet perfect solution for information overload and anxiety.

The idea was to tell a two part story where characters find themselves in specific home stressful situations. Using the characters movement as our point break we showed that inner-peace is one beer away.

The project consists of 7 animated videos with different versions for each social media platform. We started the process in September, when small meetings were allowed in Argentina. Our first approach was a full-color look. Then we transition to a more minimal color palette using only the brand's tones. 

The challenge here was to convey without using any text or VO the sense of stressful situations vs a relaxed situation enjoying a beer.

This is our process. For relaxing times, make it Corona time!



Creative Direction
Nice Wach

Design and Illustration
Nice Wach

Nice Wach

Music and Sound Design
Patricio Romero



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